Is the Apple HomePod marking its territory with its own ‘spaceship’ symbol?

Today on DT Daily: Apple HomePod smarthome speakers leave their mark, Samsung slips the popular S-Pen into a new laptop, and we talk with Michael B. Jordan, one of the stars of Black Panther.


Apple’s long awaited HomePod smart speaker is finally landing in homes, and it’s leaving a mark! And… we don’t mean that figuratively. It’s Thursday, February 15, and while the HomePod’s sonic capabilities have come in for rave reviews, the pounding bass response – and the silicon-covered bottom of the speaker designed to keep it from bouncing around – is apparently leaving behind a round mark wherever the speaker sits, especially on some wooden surfaces.

Apple says it is aware of the issue and on their HomePod care page, says that it’s “not unusual for any speaker with a vibration-damping silicone base to leave mild marks when placed on some wooden surfaces,” and that the rings can be caused by oils diffusing from the silicon padding. But don’t worry, says Apple, the marks typically go away with a simple cleaning, or after a few days if the speaker is removed. And you might want to consider putting it… elsewhere.

Still, it’s a bit of a black – or maybe kinda grey – eye for Apple’s launch of the long-awaited Alexa and Google Home competitor, and due to its limited usability outside of Apple’s walled garden of i-Devices, we actually gave it a fairly middling review. Still, it does sound nice and if you’re an Apple ecosystem dweller with metal tables all around, maybe give it a look. DT Review:

Samsung Notebook 9 Pen review:

Michael B. Jordan interview:



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