Fortnite server status: How long will the game be down for maintenance?

(Epic Games)

Fortnite servers are currently down as Epic Games carries out server maintenance.

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This means that players will currently be unable to play the game for a number of hours.

It comes just a week after season 5 of Fortnite was launched, which saw the addition of new locations and a new Battle Pass, as well as the a golf buggy that can carry a full squad.

Here is everything you need to know about to days update and how long you will have to wait to get back into the game.

Why is Fortnite down?

The Fortnite servers are currently down for scheduled server maintenance and will give the developers a chance to address any bugs or issues that were present after the season 5 update last week.

Servers went down from 9am (BST) this morning and Epic Games has confirmed that it will provide updates on the maintenance progress.

(Epic Games)

When will servers be back up?

Epic Games hasn’t given a specific time of when we can expect the servers to be running again.

In the past the length of the maintenance time can vary depending on how much needs to be done and how big the update is.

There didn’t seem to be any major glitches or problems after the season 5 update, so unless Epic Games plans to add some big additions today then it shouldn’t be down for longer than a few hours.

You can follow updates on the the progress of the maintenance on the Epic Games status page.

(Epic Games)

What has been added to Fortnite for season 5?

An All Terrain Kart (ATK) has been introduced as a new mode of transport for Fortnite Battle Royale.

The kart can hold a whole squad of players and has various features including speed boosts after drifting and a bounce pad roof.

Players can also work together when riding the kart to perform higher jumps and get over bigger obstacles.

There is also a new desert biome has been introduced for season 5 and it includes two new locations –

  • Paradise Palms
  • Lazy Links

Other new points of interest have also been added to various areas around the map.

A new rift feature has also been added which players can jump into and then teleport into the air.

This is could prove to be a useful tactical move when caught in a tight space or looking to travel quickly across the map.

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