Buy a 512GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from Amazon, get a free Gear S3 Frontier watch today only

From now until 3am ET Thursday morning (12 midnight PT), Amazon has a deal for you on the 512GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This is the U.S. unlocked model with a U.S. warranty and a Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform under the hood. The phone comes bundled with the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch, and normally the pair would cost you $1,551.44. But until the clock strikes 3am on the East Coast of the U.S., the bundle is priced at $1,249.99 with free shipping. That means that the timepiece is free, saving you $244.44 (17%).

Again, the clock is ticking on this deal. If you want one of the best Android phones available, with a capable smartwatch tossed in for free, you can take Amazon up on this bundle deal by clicking on the sourcelink below. Sure, the price is steep, but with 512GB of native storage, you should never have to worry about deleting apps or pictures to make room on your Galaxy Note 9.

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