Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with a free wrist band in the US (limited time offer)

Back in August, when Samsung started taking pre-orders for its (then new) Galaxy Watch smartwatch, it offered free wristbands to customers placing orders before September 8. Now, we’re happy to inform you that free interchangeable bands are once again available with the purchase of a Galaxy Watch, although only in the US.

You can get a free wrist band regardless of what Samsung Galaxy Watch you’re buying: 42mm Bluetooth ($329.99), 46mm Bluetooth ($349.99), 42mm T-Mobile LTE ($379.99), or 46mm T-Mobile LTE ($399.99). However, only a small selection of bands is available for free, with the rest of the models being sold starting at $24.99.

This particular Galaxy Watch deal is valid only until October 13 (Saturday). You’ll have to manually add the free band to your order after selecting your Galaxy Watch model on Samsung’s website – see the source link below.

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