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The Finnish division of the IGDA is co-organising a seminar with Aalto University Developing Entrepreneurship that’ll tackle monetisation in the industry.

Called Monetisation in Games, it’s pitched as a learning event that’ll teach attendees how to monetise in games ‘effectively and ethically’.

Speakers currently include Rovio director of product management Michail Katkoff (Pictured main), Fundamentally Games co-founder Oscar Clark, Hatch co-founder Vesa Jutila, Cellense lead analyst Jakub Marek and Doom co-creator John Romero.


The event will cover monetisation from various viewpoints, such as design, product management, players/users and technology.

It will host university students, games makers, as well as experts in a new setup focused on learning.

According to the organisers, however, they are also inviting companies outside of the games for cross-industry discussions.

Tickets are currently priced at $179 for students and $680 for games markers and games developers who would like to attend in person. Organisers however will have the right to select who can take up the limited spots available for the seminar.

Those unable to make it to the event can watch it streamed online for free once they have registered.

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